A Year Later. A Letter to my Son.

I’ve seen many variations to this; some full of hopes and dreams, some full of advice and wisdom, some written in sequence, some simply gushed out as loving prose from parents full of aspirations for their children.

After realizing that I managed to raise a loving, healthy, advantageous, and most of all inspirational young man to the ripe old age of one, I am ready to write a letter to my son, expressing all that I hope he learns in the many years to come.

To my precious little boy,

I hope that you learn to listen, love, and live like tomorrow will always come.

I wish for you a heart that knows trust and honesty, and never falters from sharing that, in turn, to others.

I want for you to be surrounded by friends and family that test you, support you, and rely on you.

I pray for you to find happiness in being yourself. Know that you’re the king of being you and no one else does it better than you.

I desire for you a path that is bumpy, winding, and sometimes uphill. Character building happens in greater proportions on the roads less traveled.

Know your strength.

Don’t tell your mother everything, but know you can tell your mother anything and she will still love you.

Save for a rainy day and eat dessert.




My Little Nugget

That’s right, this Eggo is prego! Time to hang up the ‘ol NO VACANCY sign on the uterine hotel.

Though this is my first attempt at growing a human, I am no stranger to the process.  I have seen countless friends expand into motherhood – each with their own trials, tribulations and excess of “did I really want to know that about you” stories.  Now it is my turn.  As I finish up my 16th week, I would like to share with you a few of the inconveniences joys of gestating that I was not expecting and at the least, was unprepared for. 

Revelation #1:  Delete the word Normal from your vocabulary.  Replace it with Remember when you had control over your body.  For example: “Carrie, it’s ok to cry, it’s normal.” or my personal fave, Doctor, “Well….hmmm…that’s not normal.”  I am not sure what it is about speaking with pregnant women, but everyone seems to want to wrap me up in a warm fuzzy security blanket called “normal.” 

Revelation #2:  You get fat!  No, I’m not talking about the drank one too many beers and then ate a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips, bloated, kind of fat …. I mean FAT!  Nowhere in any book that I read did it state that I would wake up one morning and my waistline would have a starring role on Jersey Shore as “The Predicament.”

Revelation #3:   No one will judge you for any of the following: vomiting, peeing, crying or sleeping.  If you need to, you can even use it as an acceptable excuse to decline an otherwise unavoidable invite.  No one will be mad.  In fact, they will only become nicer to you.  Disclaimer: Careful, this does have 13% rate of backfire in which resulted in unwanted visitors/phone calls, but was accompanied by a 7% increase in the rate of chocolate receipt.

All enlightenment aside, I am happily learning from and enjoying almost all that this stage of my Little Nugget has to offer.  I promise not to crowd my blog with stories from the dark side, but be prepared for many more revelations.  Note that I will be posting pics under ‘The Little Nugget” page.

 By the way, if anyone, in any way involved with the book “What to Expect When You are Expecting” is reading this … contact me directly for the address to where you can send my $21.95 refund check.