Month: December 2009

Somewhere amidst the plethora of half lucid bar conversation, garbled grocery store pickup lines and my kind-hearted friends’ awkward ‘he’s got a great personality’ setups, I snapped.

Hello online dating website!

*puts on best camouflage hat and animal print high heels*

Let the gentlemen hunt begin!

Insert witty ‘about me’ content and my best angled self portrait.

You should know that I signed up at 10pm on a Saturday night … from my iPhone … while eating dessert and watching season 5 of Grey’s (save this mental image).  It is obvious I have digressed into uncharted waters.

I’m baffled. I’m flustered. I’m …. Oooo, he’s cute!

In a way I am feeling voyeuristic. My cup runneth over with likes, dislikes, quirks and charms – all acquired seemingly without their knowledge.

After a good 72 hours of my free time used perusing all that my search function parameters had to offer, I was left with a few admirable prospects and a laundry list of possible Megan’s law candidates … not much middle ground here.

I am happy to report that while not a method I am planning on repeating anytime soon, I would still recommend it to anyone who is looking … even if for nothing more than good blog fodder.