I Un-resolve To….

Every year, every single year.  You know who they are –  From January to mid-February they occupy your treadmill at the gym, take over the break room fridge with fresh fruit, and post motivational quotes everywhere – the “New Year Resolutioners.”

Hey, I’ve done it before too.

But not this year! 2012 is my year of un-resolutions.  No more declarations of doing, this year I have dedicated myself to a decree of stopping.

Humor me ….

In 2012 I un-resolve to:

5.  Pretend I am not looking at the screen of the person next to me at the gym.  In 2012 I will stare directly at your distance, speed and calories burned.  I’ll admit it, I want to know. I will judge you / adjust mine accordingly.

4. Pick fantasy football teams for their jersey color. In 2012 I will make it known that I strongly believe the following: Atlanta will cover the spread; don’t take Dallas; Flacco struggles against the 3-4, take Tampa; Cincinatti will get 13.5 at the Jets; don’t bet more than $1 on any game where Seattle or KC is playing; Tim Tebow is part man, part Greek god.

3.  Be “that” girl who spells everything out. 2012 is obv toats the year off abbrevs! They’re super presh and abso adorbz. However, I will continue to wage my personal war against PiPl WhO TyPe Lik Diz!

2.  Settle. In 2012 I will spread my wings, take chances, find that place where my heart meets my mind…. and eat more vegetables.

1.  Rinse and repeat. In 2012 I will remember that once is enough.

Best wishes to you all on a happy, healthy, thriving year for you and yours. And remember, that world can’t end in 2012 – Marty drove the DeLorean to 2015, you’ve got some time!


30 More Minutes

Beep, beep, beep … WHAM!

(Wait 5 minutes, Repeat 3 times)

Good thing the clock is set for 15 minutes ahead, bad that I remember this daily, thus defeating the purpose.

Ugh, hello 5:30am, we meet again.

O, what I wouldn’t do to spend just 30 more minutes wrapped up in the wonderful world of down feathers and Egyptian cotton – just 10 more? No, today is the day. Spring is here and so is my thrice weekly morning run routine.

After a dramatic peeling back of the covers and two feet plunged down to the cold floor below, I am up. Fearing my ability to procrastinate might rear its ugly head; I laid out clothes (ok, a matching outfit) last night. In mere minutes I had managed to morph into something out of a jazzercise video, minus the neon pink

Sucking down a few sips of water, I opened the door …

**chills – none of which came from the 45-degree weather**

Had I seriously contemplated trading any amount of additional sleep to miss this beautiful sunrise?!

I strolled down the long desolate driveway to the street, never once looking down. The colors were vivid, the air was fresh and the silence was calming. Crossing the street I took to the trail with a deep breath and long stride. Then, just before the start of mile 3, I hit the pause button on the iPod and stopped, looked up and couldn’t help but think again about what I would have missed if I had taken those 30 additional minutes.

I hope you all join me in an effort to use the snooze button less and less each morning.

Spin Class Survival …. and Etiquette

Now a gym novice I am not, but a studio exercise class rookie I am.  In my haste to sculpt what is left of my pre-college girlish figure I admit that I did not properly research the elements of such an endeavor and was to say the least, shocked by what my 60-minute experience entailed.  Following is my advisory list for spin class survival …. and etiquette:

  • You MUST sign up at the front desk to attend the class.  Know that you will physically have to interrupt the highly intellectual conversation that the 17 y/o blondes at the front counter are having to accomplish this, they will still not pay attention to you.
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the class start time.  This is the optimal time allowance for you to find a conspicuous spot in the far corner of the room.
  • Adjust your bike so that all components are adjusted properly for your physical needs.  This will require a feat of Hulk strength.  All levers and adjuster “thingys” have been adhered with a super glue cement-like substance. Admit defeat, leave conspicuous location,  scour for an available bike that is already set close to a level you can function with.
  • Let the instructor know if this is your first class or if you have any special limitations.   Everyone around you is now judging you, immediately! The instructor will make every attempt to audibly amplify your inability to the entire class, at least a dozen times.
  • Wear appropriate footwear. Why is everyone “locking in” to their pedals? Pink and Silver New Balances will give you away!
  • Do not bring personal belongings into the class. It was a Coach Outlet in there! Apparently the two chicks next to me were going to a great happy hour after class….according to their text messages.
  • Keep your towel and water bottle on the bike at all times.  O, so that crackling sound of empty plastic hitting the hardwood isn’t normal? what about the guy in front of me waving his sweat rag around like “Terrible Towel”????
  • Know your limitations throughout the workout.  NEVER STOP PEDALING!
  • Participate in the warm-up/cool-down exercises. NEVER STOP PEDALING!

All comedic humiliation aside, it was a GREAT workout. I followed the spin class with a 15-minute ab blasting session and high-fived myself as I chalked up another 600 calorie burn!