I Ordered That?!

Oh, what my mailman must think. 

Eh, who cares … it was Monday – check the mailbox day.  I should do it more often but I am addicted to the “it’s like Christmas” feeling I get every Monday on my drive home.  Honestly, I would do it less frequently but my mailman has started leaving hate post-its on my door. 

What could await me, oil change coupons?  20% off at Bed Bath & Beyond? Indubitably at least 3 political ads and maybe, if I was lucky, I would get Mike *********’s Comcast bill again ( I promise I only hold it up to the light to see through it never open it!) I turn the key and…

High five, my miniature (4 chips) sample can of Pringles FINALLY came.  Come to momma, sour cream and onion!  I’m not certain how I made it this long without my individual dryer sheet sample packet; seriously considering the switch from “April Fresh” to “Clean Linen” – but want to make an educated decision.  The icing on the cake was my free trial edition of Practical Horseman

I ordered that?!

Embracing my temporary curiosity, I took my treasures (and bills) inside and sat down for a brief delve into an equine state of mind.  Check out those pants…Rawr!

After 7 minutes passed I tossed the mag, ate the Pringles and did a load of laundry.

I can hardly keep my patient panties on for next Monday.  I am expecting delivery of hand sanitizer samples and am running low on pizza coupons.


Somebody Call 911…

Part one of the Labor Day weekend roller coaster.

Riding the “it’s 5 o’clock” somewhere high that can only be truly cherished on the front side of a 3-day holiday weekend, I drove home and nestled in for a much needed power snooze.

Then there were sirens.  Incessant, sirens. Wow, they sounded close. I never hear them that vividly, hmmm…..time to look out the window.


I caught the tail end glimpse of what looked to be a ladder truck.  Rubbing my eyes in disbelief I threw open the closet door and slung on a pair of flippy-flops; I must investigate.  Yes, I am one of those. I enjoy immersing myself in anything and everything that seems to be other peoples business.

Out the door I scurried, leaving Mr.O starring in bewilderment.

Looking around I noticed other tenants emerging as well. As I walked through the parking lot, following the migration of people, I looked up and caught my first glimpse. *Gasp*

Billowing black smoke; raging neon flames leaped into the air.

The apartment complex was on fire!

Standing and starring was all I could do.  Neighbors gathered in a row alongside the road frozen in disbelief.  No one moved for nearly 30 minutes, only the sounds of crackling wood and pressurized water slapping against the buildings could be deciphered in the distance.

While the emergency crews responded with amazing speed and accuracy, the damage had been done.  In just over a half an hour one entire building had disappeared and another severely damaged.

This was as close as I have come to having my personal safety and property utterly destroyed.  The sense of loss I felt for those affected was rivaled only by my internal need to be grateful that I was not among them.

Close, very close, but not among them.

Returning to my apartment I scooped up Oliver and called all my family to let them know I was alright.

Having weathered the first dip of the roller coaster weekend, I showered and headed out for an evening of dinner and drinks with friends.  The events of this evening were only to get better, but that deserves its own post.