A Year Later. A Letter to my Son.

I’ve seen many variations to this; some full of hopes and dreams, some full of advice and wisdom, some written in sequence, some simply gushed out as loving prose from parents full of aspirations for their children.

After realizing that I managed to raise a loving, healthy, advantageous, and most of all inspirational young man to the ripe old age of one, I am ready to write a letter to my son, expressing all that I hope he learns in the many years to come.

To my precious little boy,

I hope that you learn to listen, love, and live like tomorrow will always come.

I wish for you a heart that knows trust and honesty, and never falters from sharing that, in turn, to others.

I want for you to be surrounded by friends and family that test you, support you, and rely on you.

I pray for you to find happiness in being yourself. Know that you’re the king of being you and no one else does it better than you.

I desire for you a path that is bumpy, winding, and sometimes uphill. Character building happens in greater proportions on the roads less traveled.

Know your strength.

Don’t tell your mother everything, but know you can tell your mother anything and she will still love you.

Save for a rainy day and eat dessert.




One comment

  1. What a beautiful letter. Camden is lucky to have you for his mother. Your love for him shows through in all that you do for him and with him. Love to you both, Grams

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