I Un-resolve To….

Every year, every single year.  You know who they are –  From January to mid-February they occupy your treadmill at the gym, take over the break room fridge with fresh fruit, and post motivational quotes everywhere – the “New Year Resolutioners.”

Hey, I’ve done it before too.

But not this year! 2012 is my year of un-resolutions.  No more declarations of doing, this year I have dedicated myself to a decree of stopping.

Humor me ….

In 2012 I un-resolve to:

5.  Pretend I am not looking at the screen of the person next to me at the gym.  In 2012 I will stare directly at your distance, speed and calories burned.  I’ll admit it, I want to know. I will judge you / adjust mine accordingly.

4. Pick fantasy football teams for their jersey color. In 2012 I will make it known that I strongly believe the following: Atlanta will cover the spread; don’t take Dallas; Flacco struggles against the 3-4, take Tampa; Cincinatti will get 13.5 at the Jets; don’t bet more than $1 on any game where Seattle or KC is playing; Tim Tebow is part man, part Greek god.

3.  Be “that” girl who spells everything out. 2012 is obv toats the year off abbrevs! They’re super presh and abso adorbz. However, I will continue to wage my personal war against PiPl WhO TyPe Lik Diz!

2.  Settle. In 2012 I will spread my wings, take chances, find that place where my heart meets my mind…. and eat more vegetables.

1.  Rinse and repeat. In 2012 I will remember that once is enough.

Best wishes to you all on a happy, healthy, thriving year for you and yours. And remember, that world can’t end in 2012 – Marty drove the DeLorean to 2015, you’ve got some time!